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We know you're ready to explore the world in style with our awesome 100% combed cotton T-shirts. To make sure your travel memories stay as vivid as a postcard, follow these care instructions:

1. Cool & Gentle Wash Adventure!

Before embarking on a washing journey, choose the cool and gentle wash setting. It's like a gentle river for your T-shirt but remember to only wash it with similar colours. We don't want a colour collision in the laundry!

2. Flip the Shirt for a New Perspective!

Before sending your T-shirt on a whirlwind adventure in the washing machine, give it a new perspective by flipping it inside out. This way, the vibrant prints will stay as fresh as the places you dream of visiting.

3. Skip the Tumble-Dry Expedition!

Our T-shirts may be adventurous, but they don't like tumble-drying expeditions. Hang them out to dry like you would your travel photos, and they'll be ready for more adventures in no time.

4. Gentle Detergent, No Bleach Required!

When it's time for a scrub, choose a gentle detergent that's kind to the environment and your tee. Just like you wouldn't pack unnecessary luggage, leave harsh detergents and bleach behind.

5. No Need for Dry Cleaning Detours!

Your T-shirt is all about freedom, so skip the dry-cleaning detours. Keep it simple, just like your dream road trips.

6. Pressing for the Perfect Memory!

If your tee needs a little touch-up, use a warm iron, but make sure it's inside-out. It's like pressing out the wrinkles from a well-folded map – keeps everything looking neat and ready for the next adventure.

By following these simple instructions, your T-shirt will stay in top shape for all your future journeys. Wear it with pride and keep those travel dreams alive!

If you ever find yourself lost on the care map or need more guidance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to ensure your T-shirt stays ready for the next big adventure! 🌍👕✈️🗺️